Timeliness Guarantee


Get an egift card equal to 70% of the amount of your order if your custom order is not shipped within 30 days of order date. 

Timeliness Guarantee only applies to "made to order" (i.e. custom) items.

Only orders with email attached qualify for an egift card.  Please be sure to include your email when placing the order.  We need your email in order to issue the egfit card, if applicable.  We will not try to cross reference your order to an account or email.  No email = no egift card.

Your guaranteed ship date is the same day/date the following month after your order is placed.  However, we will make every effort to ship or order sooner!

If we do not ship on or before your guaranteed ship date, you will receive an egift card equal to 70% of the amount of your order.  Egift card amounts do not include the amount of shipping charges on the original order.

Egift cards are issued when your order is shipped.  Cancelled orders do not qualify for an egift card.

Egift cards are valid for product purchases only.  Egift cards are not redeemable for cash or refunds.

If you return your original order for refund after an egift card has been issued, the egift card will also be cancelled.  If you have already used your egift card, then any returns are accepted for store credit only.

Orders paid for by previously issued egift cards do not qualify for any additional egift cards.

Terms above may not cover every caveat in the program.  Please understand the intent of the program as a whole and do not try to undermine it or look for loopholes in order to take advantage of the program.

We reserve the right to temporarily suspend this program during peak seasons or sales or for specific featured sale items.  We will clearly identify sales or items which do not qualify for the egift card program.

We reserve the right to terminate this program at any time.