As more and more areas are subjected to mandatory stay-at-home orders, each of us must ask ourselves how we can contribute to the solution.  First and foremost, follow the recommendations of the CDC.  Stay home.  Do not congregate in groups.  Wash your hands.  Wash your hands correctly.  Wash your hands frequently.  Cover your cough.  What else can you do to help?

There are not enough face masks to meet demand right now.  Since I already have the supplies on  hand, I have decided to make face masks to donate to medical personnel.  While my personal contribution may only be a drop in the ocean of need, if more people and companies chip in, we could meed the demand in record time.  I implore you to find your own small way to contribute to the solution.

I would like to also extend an offer of a low cost face mask for you.  For all other orders, please be patient with delays in shipping as I will be focusing on making face masks.

As of 03/22/2020 I have donated 40 face masks.