Our specialty is dog pajamas.  We offer four styles of PJs, and continue to increase the types of fabrics we make them from.  Most of our fabrics are varieties of fleece.  Fleece is a soft napped insulating synthetic fiber. Some fleece is partially made from recycled plastic bottles! Fleece holds less than 1% of its weight in water, and fleece retains its insulating properties even when wet. 

Our styles of dog pajamas:

2 SLEEVES (aka Pullovers) have only the two front sleeves.  They are quick and easy to put on the dog.  The belly and rear are open, allowing the dog to go out without having to remove the PJ.  
4 SLEEVES (aka Snugglies) have all four sleeves.  The belly and rear are open, allowing the dog to go out without removing the PJ.
SLEEVELESS (aka Slipovers) are sleeveless Pullovers.

Our dog pajamas are easy to use.  No fussing with zippers, buttons, or Velcro.  They are a one piece design with a cutout on the belly/rear so there is no need to remove the pajamas when your dog needs to go outside.

Simply put the pajamas on over your dog's head, pull the front feet through the front sleeves, then pull the pajamas backwards.  For our four sleeve Snugglie design, also pull the dogs rear legs through the back sleeves.  It's as easy as putting on your own shirt.  Cuffs may be rolled up to make them shorter.