Fabric Options


Our fabrics:

* Luxe - This is premium quality high density fleece.  It's thick and luxurious.  
* Plush - This fleece is extra soft and cozy.  This is also classified as an anti pilling fleece.  This fleece is consistent in weight and thickness.
* Anti Pill - As the name suggests, this fleece won't produce pilling with repeated washings.  Fleece is soft and prints are crisp.  Fabric weight can sometimes be variable.
* Blizzard - The weight and quality of this fleece is somewhat variable.  Classified as our budget fleece, it's strong point is it's affordability.
* So Lush - Lightweight and sumptuously soft, and vivid crisp colors.
* Pure Posh - Lightweight and sumptuously soft, this fleece is perfect for late Spring, early Fall or chilly summer nights.