Size Chart


You will need two measurements of your dog: the back length and the chest circumference.  

Back - Start from the base of the neck just above the shoulders, where a loose fitting collar would rest.  Measure straight across the back to the base of the tail.

Chest - With your dog standing in a natural comfortable position, measure around the largest part of the chest directly behind the front legs.

These measurements will correctly fit the majority of Whippets and Greyhounds.  If your dog falls between measurements, order the larger size.  Our PJs are constructed to allow extra room in the chest for normal movements of the dog.  

Our Pullovers offer lots of forgiveness in the size department.  However, be vigilant in your measurements of our Snugglies.  If the length of the Snugglie is too long for your dog, the rear sleeves won't stay in position and your dog may walk out of them.

Some breeds may require additional measurements to correctly fit.  Dogs with deep or wide chests, thick necks or short legs, Corgis & Dachshunds for example.  

If you have any doubts or questions about fit, please contact us before placing your order. 


Belly Bands

To determine the size of belly band you need, with your dog standing in a natural comfortable position, measure around the waist directly in front of the rear legs.  Ensure the tape measure is slightly snug but that you can still easily slide your finger under the tape measure.

Next measure from that point forward towards the front of the dog extending past the front of the penis.  We recommend two inches past to ensure coverage.  Some customers prefer more coverage.

For better accuracy, be sure to use a seamstress or "cloth" tape measure (although all of ours made of plastic.)  Do not use the metal type tape measure commonly found in a garage or workshop.  The metal ones are too stiff to provide accurate measurements for this purpose.

Do you have a breed that's hard to buy for?  Try this idea:  Cut a strip of newspaper wide enough to protect the area of coverage and at least 24 inches long (longer for larger breeds).  Wrap the newspaper around your dog and mark where the ends overlap.  Then measure the strip of paper to your mark.

Please note that we add extra length to the belly band to account for the overlap to attach the Velcro.  Order by waist size only.  Do not add any extra to the length of your measurement of the dog's waist.

In-Stock Belly Band Size Chart 

10" - 13" waist
3 1/2" wide
14" - 17" waist
4" wide