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Opal Legbars are a new beautiful addition to the line-up of autosexing breeds. This breed has everything you love and want all in one package. They are barred lavender birds with cute crests, blue eggs, and best of all, they are autosexing! Know which chicks are males and which are pullets as soon as they hatch!

Opal Legbar males are beautifully barred lavender with golden highlights. The barring lightens the lavender feathers giving them a silver appearance. When the sun hits them just right, these birds glimmer! The golden highlights, contrasting the silvery barred lavender, is absolutely stunning.

Opal Legbar hens are pearl gray with either silver barring or light straw yellow accenting around their necks. Their darker color compliments the males’ lighter silvery color perfectly. Some hens also have light peach breasts.

Opal Legbars lay bountiful quantities of blue eggs. As with all blue egg layers, color perception is dependent on light conditions in which they are viewed, as well as the laying cycle of the hen.

Opal Legbars follow the same genetic breeding structure as other lavender birds. Birds need two copies of the lavender gene to express the lavender color. Breed back to good Cream Legbar stock to improve type and feather quality.

For more information, photos and discussion, please join the "Opal Legbar Fan Club" group on Facebook.  We look forward to seeing you there!

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Chick orders are held at your local post office for pickup. You must provide a phone number so your post office can call you when your chicks arrive.  We will also send you tracking information.  We can only send you tracking if you provide an email address.  If you don't provide both a phone number and an email address, your order will be cancelled.  It is your responsibility to monitor the tracking number and pick up your chicks.  Sometimes the post office won't call, so please don't rely on them to tell you your chicks have arrived.  Failure to pick up your chicks on the day they arrive will void any and all guarantees.  Please be sure to provide your email so we can notify you of shipment and send you the tracking number.

** We require a minimum of eight (8) chicks per order to ensure their warmth and safety for shipping.  

Arrive Alive guarantee - We guarantee your chicks will arrive alive and healthy, however, you must order the minimum required and select Express shipping.  If you order fewer than the minimum or select Priority shipping, our Arrive Alive guarantee is voided.  We will refund your purchase price for any chicks that arrive d.o.a.  Buyer must provide photo proof of any casualties. Shipping is non-refundable.

Due to the many factors beyond our control, we make no guarantees either express or implied on your hatch rate of eggs.  We only guarantee to ship fertile eggs, and that your eggs will arrive unbroken.  We continually set eggs and have a good idea what the fertility rate is and will include extra eggs to account for any non fertile eggs you might get.  Because we ultimately cannot control nature, we make no guarantees that you will hatch any chicks from our hatching eggs. 

All orders will be shipped as soon as available.  Please inquire about requesting specific ship dates prior to ordering.  Chicks are shipped only when weather permitting.


Breeding Opal Legbars:

Opal X Opal = 100% Opal
Opal x Cream split to Opal = 50% Opal & 50% split
Cream split to Opal x Cream split to Opal = 25% Opal, 50% split, 25% Cream
Opal x Cream = 100% split



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