$12-$15 Pullovers

The next $12-$15 Pullover print will be posted on January 01.

The special price is available for selected print(s) only.

I will estimate how many pullovers I can make from how much fabric of that print I have available.

Once the selected print has been made available to order, the special price will be offered for a period of 7 days, or until I have run out of fabric, which ever occurs first.

I will then tally the orders and begin cutting and sewing the Pullovers.  

Pullovers will be available in standard sizes only.  You cannot customize the Pullover in any way.  You cannot request alterations to customize the fit.  You cannot request specific neck/cuff colors.  This will allow me to process the orders as quickly as possible.

If I have closed the offer before the 7 days has lapsed, and if I have find I still have extra fabric leftover after cutting all orders, I will make the fabric available again for a 2nd chance offer.  At my discretion I may precut any leftover fabric and make the 2nd chance offer available for specific sizes only.

If I do not have enough fabric to fill all orders, at my discretion I will either cancel your order or allow you to select another print of your choice to fill your order.

Subsequent $12-$15 print will not be offered until I have completed and shipped all orders for the previously offered print.  Unless there is a 2nd chance offer, you will not be able to combine multiple prints in the same order.

At my discretion I may offer any previous $12-15 Pullovers again, while supplies last.

Other discounts, sales, or coupons may not be combined with or applied to the $12-$15 Pullover deal.


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